The Center for Speech, Language and Learning, PLLC, is a group of Speech/Language Pathologists and Educators dedicated to offering the best in speech/language therapy and tutoring. Our Therapists are highly experienced, licensed and certified by ASHA who offer expertise in specific areas such as learning disabilities, autism, apraxia, auditory processing disorder and traumatic brain injury. We offer programs that suit your time and resources. Our Test and Teach Programs are provided by certified speech-language therapists who are trained and specialize in areas of cognition and language development.

Our Tutors undergo a 6-hour training by CSLL staff in the areas of cognition and language development so that tutoring sessions are uniformly delivered at a high standard. Our educators have degrees in education, special education and many are certified in specific areas such as learning disabilities and Spanish.

We at CSLL pride ourselves on using a team approach in which the therapist, client, family members and other specialists collaborate to bring about the best there is in evaluation, therapy and tutoring services for you or your child.

Our tutoring philosophy is to approach subjects such as science, social studies, math, reading and language arts from a cognitive/linguistic perspective. Our goal is to improve upon foundational skills such as attention, organization, recall, and efficient processing of information while at the same time working on the content of the curriculum being taught at school. Relaxation and focus techniques are incorporated, through the use of Yoga, into each tutoring session. Our tutors receive intensive training from the specialists at the CSLL in the areas of language development and cognitive functioning so that the delivery of our tutoring services is most effective and uniformly delivered. Our team of Educators is uniquely qualified, possessing degrees in education, special education and most with certification in areas such as Spanish, ESL, Math, Science, Reading and related areas.

Test and Teach ™ Preschool Program is designed for busy parents and their children whose ages are between 2 and 5 years. We conduct a speech/language evaluation and then design a short-term program to address one or two specific and important areas of speech and/or language skills that we determine will have the most impact upon your child's development. The program is designed to run for 4, 6, or 10 sessions with emphasis on teaching you, the parent/caregiver, strategies that you will be able to utilize at home in those "teachable" moments throughout the day with your child. The sessions will allow for plenty of time for us to model techniques and to have your questions answered. We are available for follow-up phone calls for consultation and follow-up sessions, if necessary.

Test and Teach ™ Student Program is designed for students K-8 and their parents who have busy schedules and/or limited resources which do not allow for months of ongoing therapy. First, we perform a speech/language evaluation and from that we determine the most pertinent areas of language development to be addressed. We then design a short-term program that runs for 4, 6, or 10 sessions, whichever is most appropriate for you and your child. We teach you, the parent/caregiver, strategies that you can use at home to help your child develop speech/language skills most effectively and to help your child with academic work as well.

Test and Teach ™ High School-College Program is designed for busy High School and College students who are wanting to work on specific areas of language development such as report & essay writing, grammar, time management, study skills and presentation skills. We perform a speech/language evaluation and with the student's input design a short-term program that emphasizes learning skills and academic success. The program runs for 4, 6, or 10 sessions depending upon time constraints and needs. We emphasize areas of language and cognition that would most likely have the most educational impact and help achieve the student's learning goals.

CSLL Yoga for younger students incorporates stories, games, imagery, music, movement and meditation to increase your child's ability to sustain attention for longer periods of time. Our experienced Yoga instructor helps young students to release energy in a controlled manner which then leads to "readiness" to develop foundational skills such as attending, following directions, planning and organization.

CSLL Yoga for older students helps to renew energy, build strength and self-esteem. Yoga has been proven to lower stress and reduce anxiety providing your teen with increased confidence so that they approach their social relationships and academics with optimism for success. Yoga can help your older student develop strategies to center and focus better and increase cognitive skills for academic success.


"We were so fortunate to find this unique program for our son. In a few sessions, the therapist was able to target his specific areas of need and provide us with a detailed explanation of his challenges. He is now excited, working hard, and showing improvement in his language and learning skills. After years of traditional therapy, we are finally seeing improvement!"

Kathleen, parent of Jakob, age 10

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